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  • Acadia Trust merges with Camden National Bank and will now be calledCamden National Wealth Management. (Central Maine 9.14.2016)
  • Senate Committee prepares to question Wells Fargo CEO on high-pressure sales tactics. (Central Maine 9.19.2016)
  • Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf receives harsh criticism from members of the Senate Banking Committee. (Central Maine 9.21.2016)
  • Some the $300 million Wells Fargo top executives received in bonuses may be returned because of Wells Fargo banking scandal. (Central Maine 9.27.2016)
  • Portlander Michael Bopp to represent Wells Fargo with government investigations at congressional hearings. (Washington Post 9.29.2016)
  • York County sees skimming devices at three locations: Wells, Sanford, and Waterboro. (Central Maine 10.2.2016)
  • Concerns arise from community banks and credit unions with potential new regulations because of the Wells Fargo scandal. (The Hill 10.3.2016)
  • Five of the largest U.S. banks submitted their newfinancial distress plans (“living wills”) as required by the Federal Reserve. (The Hill 10.4.2016)
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureauissued new rules for prepaid cards. (The Hill 10.5.2016)
  • Bangor Savings Bank’s customers being targeted with text scam. (BDN 10.6.2016)
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