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Financial Institutions . . . In the News

  • Gorham Savings Bank President Chris Emmons appointed to FDIC Advisory Committee on Community Banking. (Dodd Frank Update 2.20.2015)
  • Conversation with Peter Judkins, President and CEO of Franklin Savings Bank, recently appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. (PPH 2.11.2015)
  • Co-Branded credit cards leave little profit margin for banks. (BDN 2.13-2015)
  • Hackers using malware sent to employees to gain access to bank’s computers. (New York Times 2.14.2015)
  • Slow electronic payments causes some consumers high overdraft fees. (MPBN 2.18.2015)
  • Americans debt increased in final three months of 2014. (News Maine 2.18.2015)
  • Careful consideration is necessary before applying for a reverse mortgage. (Keep Me Current 2.18.2015)
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