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  • New federal requirements for banking institutions coming in 2016. (MPBN 9.3.14)
  • Financial Institutions search for solutions to retail data breaches. (Portland Press Herald 9.8.14)
  • Credit card use is on the rise while mortgage demand slows even though rates are at record lows for the year. (Bangor Daily News 9.11.14)
  • Many older Americans are paying off student loan debts into retirement. (Bangor Daily News 9.11.14)
  • 76 Million households affected by JPMorgan Chase data breach. (Portland Press Herald 10.2.14)
  • Wealth-building 15-year mortgage may help homeownership. (MPBN 10.4.14)
  • 10-Year deference of bonuses recommended by NY Fed President William Dudley to cover institutions’ fines from financial crisis. (Bangor Daily News 10.20.2014)
  • Mortgage rates a bargain for 30-year fixed rate mortgages. (Portland Press Herald 10.19.14)
  • Discussions of lowering mortgage requirements for homeowners are in the planning stages. (Portland Press Herald 10.21.14)
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