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  • A $1.2 Billion mortgage penalty by a lower court against Bank of America is reversed by a federal appeals court ruling. (MPBN 5.23.2016)
  • Three parcels of land are being purchase by Bangor Savings Bank in the business park. (BDN 5.25.2016)
  • TD Bank continues to grow in the United States at a rapid rate. (National Real Estate 6.3.2016)
  • After several merchant data breaches, Bangor Savings Bank is replacing its customer’s debit cards. (Mainebiz 6.7.2016)
  • Some Central Maine Healthcare Employees have delay in pay due to computer glitch between payroll and TD Bank. (Sun Journal 6.16.2016)
  • Credit card holders are on the decline. (Mainebiz 6.27.2016)
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