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  • Rent and loan payment forbearance rules are not all the same. (Sun Journal 5.1.2020)
  • Applications for rent relief have increased in the last few weeks. (Central Maine 4.29.2020)
  • The Federal Reserve will disclose information on companies and localities that use the lending programs. (The Hill 4.23.2020)
  • Along with limiting evictions, Governor Mills requests that all foreclosure action stop. (The National Law Review 4.27.2020)
  • The Small Business Administration announced that 8,000 applicants’ information may have been breached. (PPH 4.21.2020)
  • Mortgage payments are delayed by 2.9 million homeowners with backing from some institutions. (Maine Public 4.20.2020)
  • The Small Business Administration reports that Trump supporters received a large sum of the federal assistance. (Maine Public 4.20.2020)
  • Stimulus checks are keeping banking industry busy. (Mainebiz 4.16.2020)
  • $20 billion set aside by large banks for defaults cause by the coronavirus. (PPH 4.15.2020)
  • Portland City Council waits for State on freezing rents. (BDN 4.10.2020)
  • JP Morgan raised the requirements for buying a new home. (The Hill 4.12.2020)
  • $1 billion in small business loans have been approved. (PPH 4.10.2020)
  • Payroll Protection Program approved loans for 1400 businesses in Maine. (Maine Public 4.10.2020)
  • Governor Mills received a petition requesting a stop on evictions and foreclosures. (WABI 4.7.2020)
  • Banks are struggling with the coronavirus stimulus programs. (The Hill 4.9.2020)
  • Bar Harbor Bank & Trust releases financial educational materials geared for K-12. (BDN 4.8.2020)
  • Paycheck Protection Funding creates many discussions in the House and Senate. (Maine Public 4.8.2020)
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