When an OSHA investigator shows up at your workplace, we know you need experienced guidance you can trust right away.

Verrill's OSHA attorneys are experienced in responding to significant construction and facility accidents, including death cases; performing internal investigations; and coordinating corporate and employee responses to federal and state investigators. Our team is skilled at identifying and coordinating expert consultants, and has overseen federal and state investigations, leading to compliance and penalty negotiations. Alongside coordinating multiple agency response, we aid in insuring compliance with applicable statutes such as emergency environmental response resulting from facility and construction accidents. We have defended manufacturers and service providers in cases of OSHA violations arising from workplace conditions and accidents.

Our clients rely upon our counsel when responding to notices of violation for workplace hazards and aid in the development of response strategies, including settlement negotiations where appropriate. We are well-versed in pre-inspection compliance, and comfortable working with insurance carriers to perform OSHA compliance inspections, drafting of appropriate employer policy language and instituting required OSHA training and record-keeping. Our attorneys also work with facilities undergoing unannounced OSHA inspections, and coordinate the response to inspections.

We are fluent in the laws that govern all aspects of a workplace incident, and provide practical guidance in complying with other environmental health and safety statutes, including the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Oil Pollution Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

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