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Longtime Verrill Attorney Begins New Role as Senior Advisor at Maine Governor’s Energy Office

We are proud to announce that longtime Verrill Attorney William Harwood has joined the Maine Governor’s Energy Office (GEO), after 42 years with the firm. Our previous blog post highlighted his retirement from the firm and his longstanding contributions to its energy and utilities practice. Bill has focused his legal career on assisting public utilities in a broad range of regulatory proceedings, and he will be taking on the role of senior advisor for regulatory affairs at the GEO. Specifically, Bill will assist with the GEO’s work with state and federal energy and utility regulatory agencies. Learn more about Bill’s new role in the official GEO release here.

Within the release, Dan Burgess, Director of the GEO explains, “Bill is a valuable addition to our office as we seek to increase accountability and reliability of our utilities, and continue the growth of clean energy generation, technology and economic development in Maine. We're pleased to have Bill's considerable expertise and experience serving Maine people.”

While Bill is already missed at Verrill, we remain very excited for him as he begins this new role.

To learn more about William Harwood’s career at Verrill Dana click here.