Annual Update: Part 1 - 2022 Legal Year in Review (2nd Session)

February 2, 2023 at 9:00am12:00pm

One Portland Square
9th Floor
Portland, ME 04101

Join Verrill for our 2023 Annual Employment Law Update. Verrill is proud to announce that for the first time in almost three years this session will be in-person in our Portland, Maine office. To ensure a safe environment for all we will be offering the program on two different days. There will be limited seats available at each session. The first session will be on January 26, 2023, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. The day will conclude with a networking happy hour featuring cocktails and lite fare. The second session will be on February 2, 2023, and it will begin with a networking breakfast at 8:15am before the program begins at 9:00am.

Note: Each program will include the same content, please select one day and time to attend.

The registration fee is $25 per person. Please click here to register.


Session 1: Legal and Policy Developments in Labor Law with Section 7 - It seems like unions are organizing every type of business in the last year. Join Rob Brooks and Emily Waddell to discuss the surge in union activity, recent rulings by the NLRB shifting power to unions, and why both union and non-union employers should be concerned.
This presentation will cover:
-The implications of electronic monitoring and AI from a Section 7 perspective
-Major 2022 NLRB decisions (including union access to property, community of interest standard, and the introduction of consequential damages).
-Coordination with other federal agencies

Session 2: Changes in the Judicial and Legislative Branch at Work: Supreme Court and Maine Legislative Update - Join Liz Johnston, Tawny Alvarez, and Peter Gore for a round-up of state-law updates, proposed changes on the horizon, and how recent Supreme Court decisions (at the state and federal level) affect the employer/employee relationship.

Session 3: Navigating Employment Practices Liability Insurance & Workers Compensation - Elizabeth Connellan Smith and Jeffrey Russell will take the audience on a guided tour of Employer’s Practices Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation trends with an engaging interactive discussion of the intricacies of those two insurance vehicles and how you can best leverage them to your company’s advantage. In the first half of this insurance-focused session, join Jeff for a primer on employment practices liability (EPL) insurance as he covers basic questions such as: What is it? What is it not? And why is it important for businesses? Beth will then wrap the session up with an overview of workers’ compensation trends from 2022 and a discussion of important decisions to guide company policies and practices in 2023.

Session 4: Discrimination at Work: Implicit Bias, Micro-Aggressions and Code Switching - Join Doug Currier and Tawny Alvarez for a discussion of how the Courts are responding to concepts of implicit bias, code switching, and micro-aggressions at work in discrimination cases. This session will identify and discuss how implicit bias, micro-aggressions, and code switching could be adversely effecting your work environment and how evidence concerning these concepts are being used in discrimination cases