Four-Part Summer Director Series

July 11, 18, 25, 31, 2019

Verrill Dana
One Portland Square
Portland, ME 04101

Verrill Dana LLP is pleased to announce its Summer Director Series 2019, consisting of four programs of special interest to Board Members and to Management, as well as to others who pursue good governance principles within local companies and institutions. Please mark your calendars for any, or all, of the events highlighted below.

All programs will run from 3:30PM to 5:00PM, followed by a Happy Hour mixer, in our Portland office. More details and registration information to follow for each program.

To register, click here. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Part One | A Conversation About Board Excellence
Thursday, July 11

Bruce Blessington will lead a discussion on real-world concepts and practices that all Boards can use to enhance their performance. This program is co-sponsored by the Manufacturing Association of Maine.

BRUCE BLESSINGTON is an accomplished lecturer and consultant on board management and leadership, with more than 50 years of public, private and non-profit experience. Bruce was CEO of Ferraris Group plc, a publicly-traded medical device firm and former Chairman of Flight Landata, a specialty defense contractor. He is a Trustee of the USS Constitution Museum, and chairs both its Audit and Compensation Committees.

Part Two | Fostering Great Startup Company Boards
Thursday, July 18

Betsy Atkins will share her advice on how to achieve a more productive relationship between Executives and Directors at investor-backed startup companies. This program is co-sponsored by Maine Venture Funds.

BETSY ATKINS is a 3-time CEO, serial entrepreneur and founder of venture capital firm Baja Corporation. She currently serves on public company boards: Wynn Resorts, SL Green Realty, and Covetrus. She is also a member on the board of Volvo Cars (private). In all, Betsy has served on over 30 boards and been through 13 IPOs.

Part Three | #MeToo and the Board of Directors
Thursday, July 25

Betsy Peters will describe the practical steps that outside Board members are taking to assure proper tone from the top. This program is co-sponsored by Career Management Associates.

BETSY PETERS is currently Product Strategist, Practice Intelligence at IDEXX Labs. She is the former CEO of an ed-tech startup funded by the Gates Foundation, Board Chair at CourseStorm (a Maine startup) and a founding member of, a network of professionals focused on deterring sexual harassment through awareness & collective action.

Part Four | Lessons on Board Governance from the Investment Banker's Perspective
Wednesday, July 31

Jim Grien will share war stories from the trenches about Board practices that help make a company valuable, and all-too-common practices that erode value. This program is co-sponsored by the Institute for Family-Owned Business.

JIM GRIEN is President and CEO of TM Capital, an investment bank with offices in New York City, Atlanta and Boston. Before joining TM Capital in 2001, Jim was Head of Corporate Finance at Prudential Securities. Over his career, Jim has completed M&A and Financing transactions valued at more than $20 billion and has served on numerous public and private company boards of directors.

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