Internal Investigation

Conducted internal investigation into causes and extent of billing and documentation errors by hospital personnel for Medicare short-stay admissions.

Firm Highlights


Medicare Appeal—$33.5 Million Recovery

Represented group of 19 hospitals in appeals before the PRRB involving over 120 fiscal years, resulting in on-going settlements worth approximately $33.5 million.


Graduate Medical Education

Obtained multi-year addition to teaching hospital's Graduate Medical Education cap and Medicare reimbursement through appeal to the PRRB.


Reasonable Cost Reimbursement

Persuaded CMS to agree that a certain type of allied health residency program met the Medicare criteria for "reasonable cost" reimbursement.



Investigated and reported a Medicare overpayment to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on behalf of a federally qualified health center.


Standardized Amount Appeal

Engaged by several large health systems to pursue the "standardized amount" appeal on their behalf at the Medicare Provider Reimbursement Review Board (PRRB), either through group appeals where allowed, or through individual appeals.


State Medicaid Audits

Defended numerous state Medicaid audits alleging substantial overpayments, including a $3.6 million alleged overpayment resolved for $350,000 and a $530,000 alleged overpayment settled for $823, among others.


Medicaid Appeal—$95 Million Recovery

Developed and prosecuted coordinated Medicaid appeals and litigation on behalf of a group of hospitals that resulted in a landmark settlement of approximately $95 million with the State.


Medicare Appeal—$27 Million Recovery

Worked on behalf of two related teaching hospitals in multiple appeals of Medicare disallowances filed before the PRRB covering multiple fiscal years, culminating years of work in a full and complete settlement with our...


Overpayment—Physician Practice

Worked with a physician practice in an alleged overpayment of over $400,000, resolving the matter with a payment of only $30,000.


Medicare Appeal—$6 Million Recovery

Represented a large hospital before the PRRB covering four fiscal years, resulting in over $6 million of additional Medicare reimbursement to the hospital.

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