Tips on Tap for Breweries on the Journey from Passion to Profit

July 18, 2017 Press Releases

Verrill Dana's Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries Group Presents Tap Tips Podcast Miniseries

(July 18, 2017) – As the number of craft breweries across the country continues to grow, Verrill Dana's Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries Group presents Tap Tips Podcast Miniseries to help brewers on the journey from passion to profit.

The Tap Tips Podcast Miniseries contains eight episodes to assist up-and-coming brewmasters and brewery owners to think critically about the issues affecting their business. These podcasts provide information and practical tips for navigating the various complex issues that may arise at any stage, from business formation to licensing to risk management.

This miniseries is part of Verrill Dana's "Verrill Voices" podcast series, the next evolution of the firm's longstanding efforts to keep business leaders up-to-date, which already include in-person seminars, webinars, email alerts, and blogs.

Episodes of the Tap Tips Podcast Miniseries can be found at, in addition to on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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