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In an article for Craft Brewing Business, Lawyers on Tap attorney Jonathan Dunitz discusses how an improperly cleaned tap line can lead to not only serious lifelong health problems for the beer drinker, but also a significant verdict against the establishment who served the beer and its vendor. The $750,000 verdict outlined in the article should be an eye opener for any establishment with tap lines, whether the cleaning is done in-house or contracted to an outside vendor. A proactive risk management plan is a great way to keep your customers and employees safe, at a cost far less expensive than the cost of defending a case and paying a settlement of jury verdict. From flushing the lines with water to testing the tap with a pH strip, be sure to develop thorough protocols and checklists. Equally as important are getting vendors on the same page and ensuring you have adequate insurance to cover a loss if it does occur.

Learn more about how your brewery, restaurant, or bar can minimize risks on Craft Brewing Business. Find more Tap Tips on Litigation and Risk Mitigation this episode of the Verrill Voices Tap Tips Podcast Miniseries.

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