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New England has long been home to independent thinkers, people who are not afraid to be a little bit different. This spirit of independence has made New England an epicenter of the craft beverage movement. New Englanders are creating unique beers, sodas, wines and distilled spirits, and turning those products into thriving businesses. The process of going from product to profitable business is fraught with obstacles. Whether just starting out, going global, or anything in between, craft beverage businesses face unique legal challenges. In today's competitive beverage industry, it will be those who can best navigate these challenges that will succeed.

Verrill's attorneys are here to help your business navigate this complex world, whether you are on the path from passion to profit or continued growth. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to tackle the legal issues and allow you and your company to focus on doing what it does best, making great products. This blog is intended to serve as a resource to craft beverage producers interested in keeping abreast of legal developments and navigating the challenges unique to the industry.

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