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Lawyers on Tap in Nashville

Next week, on April 30, thousands from the craft brewing community will take over America's Music City for the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America, presented by the Brewers Association. Joining them at this year's conference are Verrill Dana Lawyers on Tap, Tawny Alvarez and Jonathan Dunitz. Jonathan will co-present, "From 1 Barrel to 1,000: Managing Risk from Start-Up to Rapid Growth," with fellow panelists James Sanborn, of GHM Insurance Agency; Brad Weller, of Macpage; and Daniel Kleban, of Maine Beer Company. The panel discussion will focus on the risk that brewers need to be attuned to throughout their brewery's growth – whether it's a new lease for a larger facility, a bad batch of beer, contracts with glass manufacturers and canning contractors, or an accident in a tasting room. They will cover how to best protect your brewery from business and economic risks, including the roles of insurance coverage and bookkeeping.

The seminar was featured in the national trade publication, Craft Brewing Business, as part of their conference preview series. Within the article, "What to see at CBC 2018: Seminars and suppliers to reduce your brewery's risk," Jonathan provides insights into what the issues are and what attendees should expect to take away from the session.

This isn't the first time Jonathan has spoken on this topic, however. During the 2017 New England Brew Summit, he participated in a similar panel discussion, "From 10 Barrels to 20,000," alongside Heather Sanborn, of Rising Tide Brewing; James Sanborn, of GHM Insurance Agency; and Matt Janick, of Acadia Insurance Company. In addition, Jonathan has recorded a Risk Management Podcast Series for breweries and authored two articles published in two different national industry outlets – Craft Brewing Business and Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine.

If you have any questions pertaining to your own brewery's risk management processes and best practices, contact Jonathan.

We hope to see you all in Nashville!

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