The NWCDN’s COVID-19 Benefits Survey: A State By State Analysis

April 23, 2020 Media Mentions

The National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network (NWCDN), a nationwide and Canadian network of law firms, has published COVID-19 updates, including “COVID-19 Benefits Survey,” a state by state analysis of the pandemic layoffs and affects on benefits as of April 13, 2020. Beth Smith, a member of the NWCDN and Verrill employment and labor attorney, wrote a national group posting on COVID-19 and workers’ compensation for Maine for this NWCDN update.

Beth writes: “In Maine, if an employee is performing accommodated work and then is laid off due to economic effects of COVID-19, the employee may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits at least for partial incapacity, depending on the factual situation.”

For Beth’s full analysis of the affects in Maine, visit the posting here and navigate to “COVID-19 Benefits Survey,” or view a PDF version of the document here.