How to Properly Use Online Influencers to Market Your Craft Beer

February 28, 2018 Published Works

Craft Brewing Businessrecently published an article authored by Verrill Dana attorney Rob Laplaca entitled "How to Properly Use Online Influencers to Market Your Craft Beer." In the article, Rob Laplaca examines the FTC guidelines and industry codes pertaining to online influencers who advertise and market beer on social media. Laplaca also provides helpful tips and instructions for brewers to work effectively with influencers to market their beers.

According to Rob Laplaca, increasing numbers of brewers deploy influencers to promote their product; however, he notes the importance of adhering to advertising and marketing guidelines, "The use of influencers has become a recent and powerful trend for brewers...While influencers can be effective, questions abound about how brewers can take advantage of this practice without running afoul of the law and the industry codes."

Read "How to Properly Use Online Influencers to Market Your Craft Beer" in Craft Brewing Businesshere.

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