Notable Publications

  • “Issues Affecting the Transfer of Technology Owned by Medical and Academic Institutions,” in Inside the Minds: Winning Legal Strategies for Technology and e-Business – Leading lawyers in Development, Protection and Compliance, Aspatore Books (2005)
  • Business Transactions Powerlink, Contributing Author, West Group in CD-ROM format.
  • Federal Technology Transfer and the Human Genome Project, Acknowledged Reviewer, United States Congress Office of Technology Assessment
  • The Consequences of Appealing Plea Bargain Agreements: Prisoners Face Increased Sentences on Retrial After Vacated Convictions, Expanded Comment, 43 Washington and Lee Law Review 556
  • Expanding the Automobile Exception: Fourth Circuit Upholds Warrantless Search of Parked Automobile Based Solely on Probable Cause to Believe Vehicle Contained Contraband, Expanded Comment, 43 Washington and Lee Law Review 577
  • Down but not Out – The Lockup Still Has Legal Punch when Properly Used, Note, 43 Washington and Lee Law Review 1125