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After the "Epic" Decision, Webinar Explores Pros & Cons of Arbitration Agreements in Employment Contracts

Arbitration GraphicCan mandatory arbitration clauses save your company time and money? Will they decrease the number of bogus claims, as well as result in better outcomes for those with genuine claims? Following the recent Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis Supreme Court decision holding that employers can enforce class action waivers in arbitration agreements, many employers are re-opening the discussion of whether to include a mandatory arbitration clause in their employment contracts. Join Verrill Dana attorneys Richard Moon, Benjamin Ford, and Chris Lockman for a free hour-long webinar on Wednesday, September 12 at 1:00pm, to help you decide whether mandatory arbitration clauses are right for your company. More specifically, the webinar will provide attendees with an overview of the state of the law, the value and enforceability of arbitration agreements, and the pros and cons of arbitration agreements in employee benefits disputes.

Learn more about the free webinar and register online here.

Topics: HR Best Practices