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Category: Discrimination

While There WAS No "I" in Defendant, There Is Now: New Hampshire Supreme Court Finds Individual Liability in State Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Retaliation Statutes

Earlier this week the New Hampshire Supreme Court issued a decision in EEOC v. Fred Fuller Oil Company, Inc. , finding that New Hampshire's anti-discrimination statute imposes individual employee liability for aiding and abetting in discrimination in the workplace and that New Hampshire's anti-retaliation statute similarly imposes individual employee...

It’s “In Style” to Follow Your Anti-Discrimination Policies

Yesterday marked the end of the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion shows in Milan. Some of next year's fashion has been described a "lyrical nerdiness," "romantic" and "pink and pretty"—so keep your eyes peeled for those trends next year. 1 But while my love for clothing is a priority, it's not...

In the Name of Religion

No matter the faith or belief, religion makes its way into the work environment more often than one would expect. This week's headlines serve as a prime example of that. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to sign marriage licenses after the Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage...

You Accommodate Your Employees, But Do They Accommodate Your Customers?

Late last month we posted on Indiana's "Religious Freedom" bill. Since then, the bill has been amended and states (including Maine ) with similar pending legislation have reconsidered the propriety of such legislation. Additionally, recently the New York Times published an article focusing on delays and disruptions that were/are...

Indiana Discrimination Bill: A Higher Law?

By now you've likely heard about the "Indiana Discrimination Bill" that passed through the Indiana legislature on Monday after a vote of 63-31 . The Religious Freedom Restoration Act has been described as allowing any individual or corporation to cite their religious beliefs as a defense when sued by...
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