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Marijuana is Legal in Massachusetts . . . Now What

On Tuesday, Massachusetts residents legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. How does this effect your relationship with your employees and what steps should you be taking in the near future? First, the statute includes an employment provision which provides that: "This chapter shall not require an employer to permit or...

When Pain and Suffering is Anything But

In Massachusetts, as in many states, when an employee is injured in the course of work, but the injury is caused by a third party, the employee is entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits and also seek damages from the third party. For example, employee Ernie is driving the...

Individual Liability for Violators of New Massachusetts Gender Identity Public Accommodation Statute

Effective October 1, Massachusetts business owners who operate "places of public accommodations" will be prohibited from discriminating against individuals on the basis of gender identity. Specifically, An owner, lessee, proprietor, manager, superintendent, agent or employee of any place of public accommodation, resort or amusement that lawfully segregates or separates...

Scheme to Avoid Employer Liability Results in Consent Judgment

Using a staffing company to supply workers can seem to be a wonderful way to secure a qualified workforce while avoiding the challenges of hiring employees and the administrative demands associated with having so many people in your employ. Probably for these very reasons United Plastics contracted with ASI...

Jury Finds "Food with Integrity" Terminated with Integrity Despite EEOC’s Claims to the Contrary: Jury Verdict Returned in Chipotle’s Favor after ADA Battle

On Monday, Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV of the District of Massachusetts entered judgment in favor of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., after a five-day trial concluded on August 7, with a jury finding in favor of Chipotle Mexican Grill on a disability discrimination claim brought by former employee Amanda...

SHOW ME THE MONEY....At the Right Time and In the Appropriate Form, Please

Wage payment and the laws that regulate it are important to your business. Making sure you can cover payroll each month is extremely important to most small businesses, as is making sure that no liability is created in how those wages are paid. The last few weeks have brought...
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