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Excuse Me . . . I “Tooted”: Flatulance and the ADA

My four-year-old spent the vast majority of the weekend publically announcing (louder than her grandparents and I would have preferred) "excuse me I tooted" every time she passed gas—which considering her petite frame and refusal to eat a vast majority of foods, occurred much more often than I would...

In the Name of Religion

No matter the faith or belief, religion makes its way into the work environment more often than one would expect. This week's headlines serve as a prime example of that. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to sign marriage licenses after the Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage...

Wacky Wednesday: Fear and Loathing in Elementary Education

Last week, the Sixth Circuit ruled that a former Ohio public school teacher who was suffering from pedophobia (the fear of young children), had not presented an Americans with Disabilities Act or Age Discrimination Claim. The Plaintiff requested the school district accommodate Plaintiff's disability, pedophobia, by transferring her from...
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