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Category: Religious Discrimination

When It Is Not A Laughing Matter

While this blog does attempt to bring humor to employment law, we by no means make light of the difficult issues that corporations are faced with when interacting with employees. This blog post will not be filled with puns or YouTube videos, but instead will focus on the events...

“Mark of the Beast” Does Not Leave Its Mark on the High Court

Yesterday the Supreme Court refused to grant certiorari in Yeager v. FirstEnergy Generation Corp. , No. 14-1302 (cert. denied 10/5/2015), the case we previously brought to your attention in which an Ohio court found that an applicant's refusal to provide a social security number because it would "cause him...

In the Name of Religion

No matter the faith or belief, religion makes its way into the work environment more often than one would expect. This week's headlines serve as a prime example of that. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to sign marriage licenses after the Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage...
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