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Mark Twain, Keith Richards & The Manager Rule

Are reports of the death of the manager's rule greatly exaggerated ? Gentle reader, as you know, the manager rule is a common defense to whistleblower or retaliation claims and holds that a management employee who disagrees with or opposes their employer's actions in the course of their normal...

While There WAS No "I" in Defendant, There Is Now: New Hampshire Supreme Court Finds Individual Liability in State Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Retaliation Statutes

Earlier this week the New Hampshire Supreme Court issued a decision in EEOC v. Fred Fuller Oil Company, Inc. , finding that New Hampshire's anti-discrimination statute imposes individual employee liability for aiding and abetting in discrimination in the workplace and that New Hampshire's anti-retaliation statute similarly imposes individual employee...

It’s “In Style” to Follow Your Anti-Discrimination Policies

Yesterday marked the end of the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion shows in Milan. Some of next year's fashion has been described a "lyrical nerdiness," "romantic" and "pink and pretty"—so keep your eyes peeled for those trends next year. 1 But while my love for clothing is a priority, it's not...
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