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Governor's Panel Finds No Bias at Maine Human Rights Commission

Earlier this week, the Governor's Panel to Review and Make Recommendations for Improvement of the Maine Human Rights Commission and Its Operations issued its report finding specifically that "there was no evidence that the MHRC or its staff ever intentionally meant to be unfair or biased toward any party." The Report, however, did contain 13 recommendations. Specifically:

  • Hire a management consultant/efficiency expert.
  • Hire more investigators—to investigate.
  • Use "intake specialists" (advocates).
  • Increase education and training for MHRC staff and MHRC Commissioners.
  • Increase number of administrative staff.
  • Modernize computer and technology systems to permit electronic filing, electronic signatures.
  • Expand mediation program.
  • Develop a "dual track" system; consider changing state law requiring 180 days before right to sue letter issued.
  • Improve and streamline the requests from the MHRC for information, discovery, and document requests.
  • Increase and improve public relations and outreach.
  • Commissioners should be appointed in timely fashion.
  • Filing fees.
  • Increase the MHRC's budget to implement these recommendations.
Topics: Administrative Agency, Maine