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Our Most Recent Episodes in Our HR Law 101 Podcast Miniseries: Understanding the HR Basics

Verrill Podcast GraphicWhether you're the founder of a startup, new to HR, or are looking for a refresher on some of the basics, this podcast miniseries will provide you with the building blocks necessary to successfully achieve a healthy and compliant employer/employee relationship. In each episode, Verrill Dana labor and employment attorney Tawny Alvarez informs listeners of the nuances and pitfalls of common areas of HR law, beginning the series by addressing the basics of hiring.

Since episodes 1-7 were such a hit, we've continued the series and have added a eighth, ninth, and tenth: part three of "HR Law 101: Handbooks and What to Include," "HR Law 101: How Does USERRA Apply To Your Company?," and "HR Law 101: Are You Aware of the Family Medical Leave Act? Part 1."Listen to Ep. 8, Ep. 9 and Ep. 10 below or to past episodes of the miniseries here.

Episode 8, "HR Law 101: Handbooks and What to Include Part 3," is the third part of three that addresses the question, "Is there a universal handbook for all business owners and HR professionals?" Tawny dives into leave policies, post termination issues, and wrapping up concepts that will provide your company with the most protections when using an employee handbook. Make sure to check out part 1 and 2! Listen to episode 8 now.

Episode 9, "HR Law 101: How Does USERRA Apply To Your Company?," discusses the Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994, also known as USERRA, and the multiple responsibilities for employers and employees. In this episode of HR Law 101, attorney Tawny Alvarez will highlight a few duties that the statute has and what laws are applicable to your organization. Listen to episode 9 now.

Episode 10, "HR Law 101: Are You Aware of the Family Medical Leave Act? Part 1" discusses the Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA. In part 1, we discuss the federal act generally, including who it is applicable to, what rights an employee has, and how different terms in the statute are defined. Listen to episode 10 now.

All episodes can be found in our Verrill Voices playlist on Soundcloud. Stay tuned for more HR Law 101 miniseries episodes to come.

While navigating employer requirements can be complex, Verrill Dana's Labor & Employment Group offers a variety of resources and workshops.

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