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Take Your Child to Work Day (or Year) and the White Sox

Father and Son and Baseball is like . . . well it's actually not like anything else, it is America. Have you seen #FamilyFirst and the publicity that has accompanied Adam LaRoche's decision to leave the White Sox? If not, you can catch up here.

How, you're asking, does this relate to employment law? Bring Your Child to Work Day is creeping up on us in a little over a month—April 28th to be exact. Now is a good time to make sure that you are prepared. Do you currently have in place a safe and non-discriminatory policy that accounts for having children on the premises? What if a child is injured "on the job" or injures someone else? Do you have liability? Will your insurance cover these types of issues? What about OSHA? If the child "helps" do you have a wage and hour issue on your hands?

All good questions. Some companies continue having parents sign a permission slip/waiver and release of liability document for individuals who want to expose their child to their daily work. Companies should contact their insurance provider and make sure that take your child to work day is considered part of normal business operations and is covered under a business owner's general liability coverage. Contact a member of Verrill Dana's Labor & Employment Practice Group to further discuss the ins and outs of an effective Take Your Child to Work Day.

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