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This Week's Show: Overcoming Intercultural Issues in the Workplace

On Saturday, May 16, Tawny interviewed Liz Greason, Co-Owner of Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants, LLC, for this segment of HR Power Hour. For this episode, Liz and Tawny discuss overcoming intercultural issues in the workplace.

She lived in the Middle East for many years, where she taught students from around the world at the American University in Dubai, with a focus on effective cross-cultural communication. Since returning to the United States, Liz has applied her knowledge of the Middle East and Islam, cultural competency, and intercultural communication to help Maine businesses, non-profits, municipalities, hospitals, and schools effectively recruit and retain a diverse workforce and serve populations diverse in terms of national origin, race, class, and age, among other differences.

To listen to the full HR Power Hour segment, click here.

HR Power Hour airs every Saturday on News Talk WLOB radio, presented by Career Management Associates and Verrill.

Topics: HR Best Practices