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Attorney Geoff Why Gives Viewpoint on T-Mobile Merger: Connecting the Unconnected

August 16, 2018 Published Works

In an opinion editorial for theBoston Business Journal, Geoff Why discusses how the T-Mobile-Sprint merger can help bridge the digital divide that exists, including the significant homework gap for Massachusetts students that has resulted from poor broadband connectivity. As Geoff explains in the article, the bottom line is that "the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint will result in better connectivity for households and students in Massachusetts and beyond. Because of this new connectivity, more students will be able to access online learning, read digital encyclopedias, connect to e-classrooms, and collaborate on research projects with students around the country."

Geoff serves as an advisor to T-Mobile. In addition to his Telecommunications practice at the Firm, Geoff served as Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable from 2009 to 2014.

Read Geoff's full viewpoint in the Boston Business Journal.

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