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Answering Questions About Registering Under the New California Charitable Solicition Law AB 488

When last we wrote about registration under California’s new online charitable solicitation law (CA AB 488), we let you know that final regulations were issued on March 26, 2024, and registration under the new law would be effective on June 12, 2024, but we were waiting on California’s Online Filing Service to become available.

Now, we can confirm that California’s Online Filing Service for registration is up and ready.

Can you register now?

Yes. Go to: and create on online account to register.

How do you register?

The Attorney General’s website requires submittance through the Online Filing Service to apply for registration as a fundraising platform. The form PL-1 is available online. Answers must include all the required information and you cannot hyperlink reference information or documents. Answers autosave in the online form.

There is a registration fee of $625 which may be made via credit card or checking account. This will appear after answering the questions and signing, but before ultimately filing the form in the online service. This fee is not refundable. The file will be processed on the day of receipt, so long as it is complete.

The registration will expire on December 31 of the registering year regardless of when the form is initially filed.

When should it be filed by?

The AG’s website states that “every charitable fundraising platform” must register “before performing, permitting, or enabling any solicitations.” This is effective June 12, 2024, but no late penalty will be enacted so long as the form is filed before October 12, 2024.

Happy registering! (And thanks to Alexandra Fordsman for the legwork.)