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What Prizes Can/Can't Be Given Away

Some things you may not be able to give as prizes:

- Smokes (MA, MI, VA)
- Gas (NJ, VA)
- Beer (many states)
- Milk (restricted in a number of states)
- iPad (formerly)
- Yankees tickets (because they may contain a no-transfer provision)
- Puppies (most states)

Some things you may be able to give as prizes:

- AR-15 Assault Rifle
- AK-47 Assault Rifle
- AR-10 Assault Rifle (re: M&P®10 rifle that is based on the AR-10)
- DDM4 Assault Rifle
- FN-15 Assault Rifle

I have not been able to confirm any sweepstakes giving away a "bump stock." But from recent published reports "bump stocks" are legal under current federal law, but not under a handful of state laws; so these can probably be given as prizes too.

Interestingly, there have been many calls to prohibit the giving away of goldfish as prizes:;;;;;;;

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