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You Might Not Be a Winner

I came across an article in the Dallas Morning News the other day titled "Campus carry group may offer 'cash prizes' to UT students who call out anti-gun professors." Whoa!

The regional director of the group Students for Concealed Carry is quoted as saying "One of the proposals we're considering is the offering of a cash prize to the student who documents the most verifiable cases of faculty or staff prohibiting licensed concealed carry in offices." Whoa!

For some background, beginning Aug. 1, licensed gun owners will be able to carry concealed handguns into most buildings at Texas' public four-year colleges and universities under the state's new campus carry law. UT-Austin wants to exempt professors from the law and allow them to decide whether young John and Jane Waynes can mosey on in during office hours while packing heat.

No matter what you may think about allowing Billy the (College) Kid to conceal carry, I'm really not sure that awarding a prize for rounding up the most rascals is a sound marketing strategy. We all know that having a catchy "CTA" (call to action) is a great way to engage people and encourage them to enter your sweepstakes. Spin the wheel! Text a friend! Post a Review! – good. Find the hoplophile hater – bad.

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