Life After 'Varsity Blues': What's Next For The Boston Feds

August 2, 2022 Media Mentions

Verrill attorney David G. Lazarus was recently quoted in the Law360 article “Life After ‘Varsity Blues’: What’s Next For The Boston Feds.” After three years, the Boston U.S. Attorney’s Office is nearly finished prosecuting some 57 defendants in the highly publicized college admissions scandal, aptly dubbed “Varsity Blues”. With the end of the case in sight, the Office is now contemplating what their next steps will be and the type of cases they will take on. The article discusses how many expect U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins, who has been at the helm of the office since being sworn in this past January, to turn her attention toward securities crimes, investment schemes, criminal civil rights enforcement, or another high-profile case like “Varsity Blues.”

David Lazarus explained that while the “Varsity Blues” cases are not easy to come, ‘he would not be surprised to see the Boston office try to find the next "Varsity Blues," or at least some facsimile of the headline-dominating case. He went on to say, "That office tries to make sure that, if some office is going to be doing a big case, they are the one that will do it. The agents working on these cases, the lawyers, they sort of know what Boston is and what Boston has been about. Boston positions itself to get those cases and win any turf battles to keep them.

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