Neighbors Petition Town to Revoke Hill Street Permit

April 14, 2022 Media Mentions
New Canaanite

Verrill’s Frank J. Silvestri, Jr. was recently quoted in the New Canaanite article “Neighbors Petition Town to Revoke Hill Street Permit.” The article focuses on a group of New Canaan residents calling upon the town to revoke a permit from a local developer because they believe he obtained it through deceptive means.

The Inland Wetlands Commission approved the installation of a 16-foot-wide driveway “to provide access to two proposed residences” at 17 and 23 Hill St., building lots that had been subdivided four years prior. The adjoining undeveloped parcels, also known as lots 72 and 812, rise eastward from Hill Street, which runs parallel to Route 123, behind Brushy Ridge Road.

Silvestri is representing the residents in this matter and was quoted as saying, “the Permittee represented that the Property would be developed for two single-family homes, and the Permittee only orally represented to the [Commission] that the Property would not be developed for a multi-family affordable housing complex. “In fact, for years prior to applying for the Permit and continuing through the present, the Permittee has intended and still intends to construct a 101-unit affordable housing complex on the Property, all the white concealing its true intent from the [Commission].”

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