Verrill’s Jim Cohen Named Volunteer of the Year by the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce

June 21, 2024 Press Releases

PORTLAND, Maine – Verrill attorney Jim Cohen was honored with the Volunteer of the Year Award at the 2024 Imagine Portland Awards Celebration on Thursday, June 20th.

The Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce presented Cohen with this award for ‘his dedicated advocacy of key policy priorities within the Greater Portland and statewide business communities that lead to broadly-shared and sustainable growth for all.’

Over the past two decades, Cohen has served on numerous boards and committees of the Chamber, including two years as board chair of the Portland Regional Chamber and two years as board president of the Portland Community Chamber. In addition to his board roles, Jim is a longtime member of the Chamber’s Advocacy Committee, served as host of the Chamber’s Eggs and Issues program immediately before and during the pandemic, and has served on numerous ad hoc committees associated with policy issues of importance to Portland and the region.

Cohen practices at the intersection of law and politics. Based on decades of experience as a regulatory lawyer, government relations advisor, mediator, and elected official — including as Mayor of Portland, Cohen helps clients in heavily regulated industries achieve their legal and policy goals before state and local regulatory agencies and legislative bodies.

Cohen's unique background allows him to provide clients not only with insightful legal advice, but also with creative solutions involving public relations, facilitation, and outreach to key government, business, and community leaders. His experience in public service and leadership positions on multiple business and nonprofit boards gives him a deep understanding of government and a broad range of connections within Maine's business and political community.