On the Record: New Verrill Managing Partner Scott Anderson Will Focus On Growth

July 28, 2022 Media Mentions

Verrill’s Scott Anderson was recently interviewed by Renee Cordes at MaineBiz regarding his new role as managing partner. The July 25th article, “On the Record: New Verrill Managing Partner Scott Anderson Will Focus On Growth” highlights Scotts background, his plans for achieving Verrill’s five-year strategic plan and the strong sense of community within the firm.

While discussing his plans for growth Scott cites his previous work on the Penobscot River Restoration which had taken place over the span of the decade, highlighting the necessity of steady growth for success, akin to the firm’s five-year strategic plan. To lead, Scott emphasizes that you must listen and hear what excites individuals as well as their concerns. Recent expansions in the firm have strengthened internal skills and expertise through significant growth in industry sectors. Health care, construction, telecommunications, and others are examples of these growing areas at Verrill that have allowed for further collaboration among members. “While we have a lot of incremental financial and performance goals on paper, my next goal is to get all Verrill attorneys together, in one place, making personal connections. Then I'll know we're on the right path.”

To read the MaineBiz article in its entirety, please click here.