Manufacturing in the food and beverage industry demands legal finesse. It involves creating a secure work environment that adheres to food and beverage production laws while optimizing efficiency. At Verrill, our experience goes beyond the paperwork—we're here to assist food and beverage manufacturers in scaling up, improving business procedures and policies, and navigating critical moments such as scaling down operations amid market shifts.

As your legal advisors, we understand the ever-evolving nature of the food and beverage sector, working with our clients to protect their intellectual property, address labor and employment considerations, and safeguard the business.

Apples on a Conveyor

Entity Formation

Choosing the right entity for your business can be challenging. Each option has its own complexities. From corporate culture to personal liability issues to tax consequences and more, the choice of entity matters from the start. Seeking legal counsel can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals. Our corporate team can assist you with the formation process and provide tools for maintaining good organizational records.


Protecting your brand is paramount in the competitive food and beverage sector. Our experience extends to trademark registration and enforcement, trade secrets, and patent prosecution and litigation. From creating distinctive logos and securing product names to patent protections for food and beverage-related inventions and production methods to protecting your innovative recipes, we help you safeguard your intellectual property, giving your business a competitive edge in the market.

Financing and Fundraising

Securing funding is essential for growth in the food and manufacturing industry. Verrill's legal team assists clients in navigating financing options and fundraising strategies. Whether through traditional loans, venture capital, or crowdfunding, we provide tailored legal advice to facilitate your financial success.

Real Estate Considerations

Choosing the perfect location is pivotal for achieving success. While leasing space in an existing building is one option, it's also essential to consider purchasing. Whether you're interested in leasing or buying, our Real Estate Practice Group is here to guide you through the process. Before finalizing any agreement, it's highly advisable to seek legal counsel. Our team of attorneys can make sure that your lease or purchase agreement aligns with your current and future business needs.

Moreover, there may be opportunities for building, remodeling, or reconfiguring beyond just securing the space. This is where our experienced construction law team can help. They can provide invaluable assistance in reviewing and negotiating contracts for construction projects.

Engaging with Employees

Building a skilled and compliant workforce is vital to success. Verrill's lawyers offer comprehensive support in navigating labor and employment considerations. From drafting employment contracts to addressing workplace policies, we help to ensure your business maintains a harmonious and legally sound relationship with its employees.

Safety Practices to Avoid/Reduce Workplace Injuries

Ensuring a safe working environment is paramount in the manufacturing industry. Verrill's legal team will help guide the implementation of effective safety practices to reduce workplace injuries. From compliance with OSHA regulations to crafting safety protocols, we help protect your employees and business.

Environmental Regulation and Reporting

We provide environmental legal support to food and beverage manufacturers dealing with compliance challenges, including those related to the EPA's Risk Management Program (RMP) and General Duty Clause (GDC). Our experienced attorneys have successfully defended clients in significant enforcement actions and assisted with internal compliance audits.


Effective promotions can significantly impact market share. Verrill's legal team assists in compliance with the development and execution of promotional strategies. Whether a product launch or a marketing campaign, we provide the legal framework for successful promotions.

Litigation and Risk Management

When faced with legal challenges, Verrill stands as your advocate. Our litigators help address disputes and mitigate risks specific to the food and manufacturing industry. From contract disputes to regulatory issues, we work to resolve conflicts efficiently, protecting your business interests.

International Opportunities

Expanding globally presents unique legal challenges. Our attorneys guide you in seizing international opportunities. Whether entering new markets or navigating cross-border regulations, we help you navigate the complexities of international business in the food and manufacturing sector. We work with U.S. brands and global brands that have U.S. operations.

Mergers and Acquisitions and Divestments

In the ever-evolving food and manufacturing industry, strategic decisions such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestments can shape your business's trajectory. Verrill's M&A team offers comprehensive legal support, ensuring a smooth process from due diligence to closing transactions and divestitures.