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HR Power Hour with Brett Barlow – Rethinking Payment Practices

On this episode of HR Power Hour, join Verrill attorney Tawny Alvarez as she talks to Brett Barlow. This episode discusses rethinking payment practices.

Brett Harlow has over 25 years of experience leading SaaS businesses and consumer brands and is currently CEO of Everee, a fintech company that is disrupting the two-week pay cycle by making it easy to pay workers instantly. Before joining Everee, Brett was a seasoned marketing executive who served as Chief Brand Officer at Pluralsight, and has held leadership roles at Skullcandy and Hewlett-Packard. He has been named a Marketing Executive of the Year by the American Business Awards and Sales & Marketer of the Year by Utah Business magazine.

Hear Tawny and Brett discuss more about encouraging employers to re-think not just how much they compensate employees, but also, how often.

To listen to the full HR Power Hour segment, click here.

HR Power Hour airs on News Talk WLOB radio, presented by Career Management Associates and Verrill

Topics: HR Best Practices, Wage and Hour