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HR Power Hour with Mary Axelsen – Change Leadership

On this episode of HR Power Hour, join Verrill attorney Tawny Alvarez as she talks to WeMaax Consulting Founder & CEO Mary Axelsen. This episode discusses CARE Change Framework and the work that WeMaax Consulting does in the Change Leadership arena.

Mary Axelsen is a former global HR Executive with a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University. She comes with 20 years of experience consulting with and coaching global leaders and employees in all areas of HR. Axelsen has partnered with leaders to implement transformative change in a wide range of industries and functions across the globe. Her areas of specialty are organizational design, organizational and culture change, talent strategies, diversity, equity, and inclusion (emphasis on gender equity), and coaching. She is also an Olympia Leader Advisor with Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute and sits on the Governance Board for The Dempsey Center.

Hear Tawny and Mary discuss more about how organizations and leaders can bring their leadership team to the next level and how WeMaax helps leaders overcome many of the self-created impediments to change.

To listen to the full HR Power Hour segment, click here.

HR Power Hour airs on News Talk WLOB radio, presented by Career Management Associates and Verrill.

Topics: HR Best Practices