DEI Chief Roles Hard to Fill Amid Wavering Commitments, Lawsuits

August 28, 2023 Media Mentions
Bloomberg Law

Verrill Partner Geoffrey Why, who recently took on the role of Diversity Partner at the firm, was featured in a Bloomberg Law article from regarding DEI roles. Many law firms around the country are having a difficult time filling and retaining DEI roles amid recent Supreme Court decisions, and because many haven’t laid out clear plans about what these roles entail nor the impact they have on the firm.

Despite a country-wide shift in DEI roles and hiring, Verrill’s commitment to DEI has not wavered, and the firm recently appointed Geoff Why as Diversity Partner. Verrill Managing Partner Scott Anderson said, “the firm decided to go with an internal candidate after hearing about DEI leader hiring challenges at other firms.” He said the job requires a person who can get partners on board. “It needs to be someone who has the skill of being able to kind of communicate goals and objectives to work collaboratively with partners to get them to understand why we might need to do something different,” Anderson said.

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