In matters of public policy, solid strategy begins with a clear understanding of the issues, the interests, and the influence needed to achieve results. Maine Street Solutions, a public affairs and consulting service of Verrill, is at the nexus of cutting-edge public policy, legislative advocacy, and the traditional practice of law. We help clients transform problems into opportunities.

From political campaign strategy, coalition building, and lobbying to polling and public relations, our team serves as a valuable resource guiding our clients through government relations. At the ready with proactive and reactive planning, we create integrated plans, and identify and initiate connections to influence perception, behavior, and decisions.

Likewise, business strategy and tactics require a level of capability, and skill in execution through a seasoned network of clients, vendors, and affiliates. Maine Street Solutions offers key planning and execution for entrepreneurs, whether in creating a successful business plan or entering a new marketplace.

Led by former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives Michael Saxl, Maine Street Solutions draws upon the skills of experienced legislative advocates and lawyers with strong ties to state and national policymakers at all levels of government and in both political parties. Maine Street Solutions offers a range of services—from traditional legal advocacy and strategic public relations to campaign management and lobbying.