"When I first started Allagash Brewing in 1994, I knew that I needed a law firm to represent us for paperwork, incorporating, corporate documents, etc. At the time, I thought the only concern I would ever have would be accuracy and having the work done correctly. I never considered service a factor. After being in business for 25 years, I have come to realize that not only do you need it done right, sometimes you need it done right away. Every time I call Verrill with a question, issue or task, I feel as though they drop everything to resolve it. No job is too small; every question is important." — Rob Tod, Founder of Allagash Brewing

Rob Tod Allagash

Eating and drinking—it’s a fundamental part of our lives. However, navigating the legal landscape surrounding the sourcing of food and beverages can be a complex journey. At Verrill, we understand the extensive legal implications and regulations that may impact your business. We aim to use our broad understanding of the food and beverage market to help companies proactively identify and manage risks. Whether you operate in a retail setting, are a manufacturer, or engage in vertical integration, facing the challenges of manufacturing and retail, our experienced team is here to guide you through these hurdles.

Retail Food and Beverage

The retail food and beverage industry has a unique culture that sets it apart from other sectors. Our goal is to help you prioritize the legal risks that your company may face and work with you to develop a sensible plan. Whether you run a local bar, restaurant, food truck, or franchise, your reputation depends on the quality of your products and the professionalism of your staff. We strive to equip business owners and operators with the tools they need to protect their brand and company, especially in an industry with very thin profit margins.

Manufacturing Food and Beverage

Manufacturing in the food and beverage industry is a challenging task. It requires creating a safe work environment compliant with food production laws while maintaining efficiency. Implementing risk-management policies is crucial to a company's success in this industry. Our experience in this field allows us to help food manufacturers scale up and improve their processes. We also assist in pivoting or scaling down operations when market dynamics change, providing valuable insights and proactive solutions to our manufacturing clients.