Verrill's white collar defense and government enforcement lawyers include former federal and state prosecutors as well as experienced antitrust and compliance advisors. Our highly-skilled team brings a valuable perspective that comes only from having been on the other side and decades spent in the courtroom.

While we pride ourselves in being savvy and creative in solving client problems, and recognize that the greatest victories come from avoiding charges altogether, as veteran trial lawyers, we are ready to mount an aggressive defense where successful resolution can be achieved only in the courtroom. We represent executives, individuals, and companies in all aspects of federal and state criminal, civil, and regulatory proceedings, including grand jury investigations, government enforcement actions, and licensing proceedings. Much of our work also includes internal investigations. We defend nationwide against investigations by the Department of Justice, United States Attorney’s Offices, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), state Attorney Generals and other regulatory entities.

Where corporate wrongdoing has been alleged, either from the inside or the outside, we aim to protect the company with minimal business disruption. We draw from colleagues in the firm with breadth and depth of knowledge in areas of privacy & cybersecurity, tax law, securities law, immigration, health care, environmental law, labor and employment, and business law.

Our experience spans a broad range of industries, however, we have a particular focus in the health care industry, including in financial billing/audits by Medicare contractors or the OIG, federal criminal proceedings under the federal False Claims Act or federal anti-kickback laws, and other matters involving criminal liability or civil money penalties.