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Verrill Partner Jim Cohen Speaks to Groups Across Maine About Pine Tree Power

For nearly two years, Verrill partner Jim Cohen, who has been practicing energy and utilities law for more than three decades, has been traveling throughout the State of Maine to speak with numerous groups about Pine Tree Power, which is Question 3 on Maine’s statewide ballot this November. Jim has been working on behalf of firm client Maine Affordable Energy Coalition, a ballot question committee opposing Question 3 which is comprised of hundreds of large and small businesses, many of Maine’s largest business trade associations, organized labor, and thousands of individual Mainers. Question 3 is one of the most high-profile issues confronting the state of Maine this fall and has been supported and opposed by a range of groups. In 2021, Maine Governor Janet Mills vetoed a similar measure before the Maine Legislature.

On Thursday September 14, Jim was the featured speaker at Eggs & Issues, the monthly business breakfast of the Portland Community Chamber of Commerce. Before an audience of approximately 200 registered attendees, Jim provided a detailed explanation of Question 3 and Pine Tree Power, and he then fielded questions from the moderator and the audience. A 55-minute clip of Jim’s presentation is available here. Press regarding the event is linked here.

Also in September, Jim was one of two featured speakers for a webinar on Pine Tree Power hosted by the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and appeared on a panel debating the pros and cons of Pine Tree Power hosted by E2Tech, which is a non-profit whose mission is to convene and educate Mainers interested in energy, environment, and technology issues. On September 21, Jim appeared on the “Bottom Line” podcast of the Maine State Chamber to discuss Pine Tree Power, and on October 5, Jim discussed the ballot question and provided information on the Coalition’s perspective during the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce monthly business breakfast.

If you would like more information on Question 3, Pine Tree Power, a link to the ballot question itself is available on the Maine Secretary of State’s website. A recent analysis about Question 3 from Maine’s Office of Public Advocate is available here. A 2020 study commissioned by the Maine Public Utilities Commission about a similar proposal is linked here. And an April 2023 Law Court opinion in Jortner v. Secretary of State (2023 ME 25) opined on the wording of the ballot question language itself.