AIJA 2022 Seminar: Gender and Inclusivity in International Families

June 23, 2022 at 9:00am
Friends House

173-177 Euston Road, NW1 2BJ, London, United Kingdom

Join Verrill's Kristin S. Doeberl and Ruth A. Mattson for the International Association of Young Lawyers Gender and Inclusivity in International Families seminar June 23rd 09:00am CEST through June 25th 12:00pm CEST . Ruth A. Mattson will be a panelist for the LGBTQ+ Wealth Planning and Tax section on Thursday June 23rd at 10am. Here, the panel considers what considerations there might be when acting for members of LGBTQ+ families in different jurisdictions (including in jurisdictions where marriage is not open to them). This discussion will also consider how “neutral” tax law is so far as it relates to LGBTQ+ issues and whether there are tax burdens which are more likely to affect LGBTQ+ people. During the Gender Identity and Children: Experiences from Different Jurisdictions section on Friday June 24th, Kristin S. Doeberl will explore with other speakers the approach of the court to child welfare issues involving gender identity in different jurisdictions through the role of parents, medical professionals, schools and the state. This seminar will explore: same-sex marriage, civil partnerships and LGBT rights, including international developments in the last five years; the developing law relating to financial claims upon separation, including an exploration of the role of gender in such claims; trans issues; LGBT issues in children cases; surrogacy and immigration issues; and wealth planning for international LGBT+ families. Verrill is a proud sponsor of this event.

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