Regina Hurley Urges Swift Action to Address Overwhelmed Probate & Family Court

October 27, 2023 Media Mentions
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Regina M. Hurley, a Boston family law attorney, has expressed concerns about the delays and overwhelming caseload in the Probate & Family Court. The court was promised eight new judges to address the backlog of cases, but these appointments have yet to be made. In his testimony, Trial Court Chief Justice Jeffrey A. Locke highlighted the acute need for additional judges in the Probate Court, where judges often have to work on their cases during nights and weekends. The delays have led to judicial burnout, early retirements, and intolerable waiting times for litigants, affecting families' ability to move on with their lives. Hurley emphasized the urgent need for new judges and stressed the importance of appointing candidates with the necessary skills and temperament for the role. The current situation disproportionately impacts self-represented litigants, as well as those seeking guardianships or treatment for mental health issues. While some acknowledge the challenges of setting up the Judicial Nominating Commission and vetting applications, many, including Hurley, believe that filling the Probate Court seats should be a top priority.

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