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HR Power Hour with Linda Riddell

On this episode of HR Power Hour, join Verrill attorney Tawny Alvarez as she talks to Linda Riddell. This episode discuses in-work poverty, its challenges and how to aid employees in breaking down barriers that stand in the way of their progression out of poverty—and ultimately become more productive employees.

Linda is an epidemiologist, specializing in poverty and social- economic status issues and founder of Gettin’ By a Maine Technology Institute grant-funded training that combines socioeconomic research with board game mechanics to change how players understand poverty and teach best practices for improving the livelihood and health outcomes for the individuals they serve.

Hear Tawny and Linda discuss who is most vulnerable to in-work poverty, why employers should be cognizant of it, and steps employers can take to help employees progress out of poverty.

To listen to the full HR Power Hour segment, click here.

HR Power Hour airs on News Talk WLOB radio, presented by Career Management Associates and Verrill

Topics: HR Best Practices