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Podcast: What Can You Say?: The First Amendment in the Workplace

In the latest episode of Verrill Voices, labor and employment attorneys Tawny Alvarez and Richard Moon discuss free speech in the workplace, and what protections exist for both employers and employees. This discussion comes following the "Google Manifesto" authored by a former Google software engineer and shortly after the incident in Charlottesville. Often asked about freedom of speech in the workplace by clients and colleagues, Tawny and Richard dive into the topic and specifically how the protections apply against the government versus an employer. Whether the speech occurs in or out of the workplace, or is directly related or unrelated to the services or goods the company provides, employers should be aware of what their rights and their employees' rights might be as they pertain to the First Amendment.

If you have any questions on freedom of speech in the workplace, please contact Tawny Alvarez, Richard Moon, or another member of Verrill Dana's Labor & Employment Group.

Listen to the podcast below or download it on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Topics: HR Best Practices