Annual Update Part 4 - Moving the Goal Posts—Again. Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape of Returning to the Office During Covid

April 28, 2022 at 9:30am10:30am (EST)

Join Verrill for its fourth session of the 2022 virtual Labor & Employment Annual Update Series. Verrill attorneys Robert Brooks and Emily Waddell will discuss the challenges you can expect with more employees returning to the office post Covid. With ever changing government mandates and official guidance relates to vaccines, masks, and social distancing, Rob and Emily will provide HR professionals, employers, and employees with tips and advice on how to address these matters while keeping up morale and avoiding liability. They will also discuss how we have adapted to a variety of new work models, including hybrid work model, and talk about the possibility of future work models, such as four-day work weeks. Having experienced so many changes to the professional landscape in the past two years, navigating the return to the office, and all of the unknowns can be daunting, but this presentation will provide you with information that will help ease the transition.

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Webinars are 60 minutes each and provide 1 Maine CLE and 1 SHRM credit.

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If you can not attend this event but are interested in receiving a copy of this presentation, contact [email protected]