Working closely with our White Collar Defense & Government Enforcement team, our Asset Forfeiture, Restitution & Financial Penalty Defense attorneys help clients navigate the complexities of federal, state, and international criminal and civil asset forfeiture, as well as the imposition and collection of restitution, fines, and other financial penalties.

We serve as lead defense counsel or in a consulting role alongside existing defense teams and deliver significant trial and asset forfeiture experience. Our team includes a nationally recognized asset forfeiture attorney that founded and supervised the Asset Recovery Unit at the District of Massachusetts where he handled some of the largest asset forfeiture cases in the country and supervised all aspects of asset forfeiture, restitution, and financial penalties for the District of Massachusetts. We assist clients by:

  • Advising existing defense or trial teams on asset forfeiture, restitution, and financial penalty law, strategies, and tactics
  • Developing robust asset forfeiture, restitution and financial penalty defense plans pre-or-post-arrest
  • Aggressively contesting asset-freezes, restraining orders, and asset seizures
  • Serving as trial counsel or conducting asset forfeiture trial-phase following criminal trial
  • Advising clients on loss calculation and the imposition of restitution at sentencing
  • Aggressively litigating the defense of civil asset forfeiture actions and administrative forfeiture proceedings
  • Defending against injunctive actions brought pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1345 (the fraud injunction statute)
  • Negotiating financial penalty language in plea agreements, including asset forfeiture
  • Providing experienced and comprehensive white-collar defense, including all aspects of asset forfeiture, restitution, and financial penalty defense